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How to buy La Peseta (PTA)?

1.- Download the TRUST WALLET. Click here to go to the website
2.- Once you have downloaded the TRUST WALLET app on your mobile phone, create a new wallet. Remember to keep your phrase (there are 12 recovery words) and password secret. Check out short 2 minute youtube video
3.- Once you have your wallet working, click on «Buy» and purchase some ‘Smart Chain BNB’ with your debit / credit card. Once you have the ‘Smart Chain BNB’ you can exchange it for La Peseta (PTA) tokens. Check this 36 second youtube video
4.- After having successfully bought some ‘Smart Chain BNB’, you should see it reflected in your TRUST WALLET balance. It may take a few seconds for it to appear.
5.- Once you see in your wallet your balance in ‘Smart Chain BNB’ then click on the button «DApps» at the bottom of your TRUST WALLET, and search for PancakeSwap (this Exchange is in English, but very easy to use). In case you have IOS, you need to access PancakeSwap through the browser at the following address:
Click on “Select a currency” and copy and paste La Peseta (PTA) contract address:
6.- Now you need to change the «Smart Chain BNB» that you bought previously, for La Peseta (PTA). Before changing them, click the gear icon (Watch this short 58 second video) and set the Slippage to 10 or 12%. Now, set the amount of ‘Smart Chain BNB’ you want to use (press ‘MAX’ if you want to use all your Smart Chain BNB to buy La Peseta (PTA). You will see the final amount corresponding to La Peseta (PTA) tokens. Finally press the ‘Change’ button.
ALL READY . Now go back to your TRUST WALLET and view your La Peseta (PTA) tokens. Sometimes, (normally it is automatic) if you still do not see your Tokens, then add manually La Peseta (PTA) token contract to your TRUST WALLET.
WhatsApp Image 2021-12-28 at 1.52.16 PM
Add a token is very easy to do, just click on the icon on the top right of the app to go to the list of all tokens, then go to the bottom of the page and you will find a + icon (Add custom token) ; just click on it and follow these 2 steps: First select the ‘Smart Chain’ network and then add the La Peseta (PTA) contract address, which you find in point number 5 of this page.
Check this short 44 second youtube video

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