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La Peseta (PTA) Contract


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Slippage 10% (if network is saturated, test with 12%)

Rewards to holders

5% of each transaction (purchase, sale and transfer of tokens) is automatically distributed to all La Peseta holders. So you will see your La Peseta (PTA) tokens increase every day.

Liquid Pool

5% of each transaction (purchase, sale and transfer of tokens) is destined to increase the liquidity pool that is 100% blocked for two years. This guarantee holders investment.


The Peseta (PTA), is a DeFi (Decentralized Finance) project created on the Binance Smart Chain network. Its main objective is to be used as a daily payment.

The Peseta was the official currency of the Spanish Government before entering Euro. Today, the Pesetas continues in Spanish citizen mind.

Use the Peseta again, even if it is a digital asset, La Peseta (PTA), is something that cause enthusiasm and passion to all of us.

The total amount of tokens is 47 trillion, in honor of the 47 million Spaniards. 79% of tokens are in circulation, 19% are saved for future and eventual burn, 1% is property of La Peseta Digital Foundation to be used in its social workss and lastly, 1% was burned before market. La Peseta (PTA) uses anonymous wallets as Trust Wallet or Metamask.

La Peseta Crypto Card

The Peseta App is a mobile application that will be available on iOS and Android. The application will have the following characteristics:

• Ability to buy cryptocurrencies.
• Possibility of sending cryptocurrencies.
• Ability to save cryptocurrencies

* Initially only in Spain and EU


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On the occasion of the First Anniversary, Fees have been reduced to 0% to make the cryptocurrency 100% tradable and improve market value.