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Contract La Peseta (PTA)

Contract Pesetas (PTAS)

Are you new in crypto world?

We explain you how to buy step by step


                                                                             Slippage 0.5 or 1 depending on how saturated the network is.

0% transaction fee (purchase, sale or transfer of tokens) This facilitates your use of daily payment.

By not having any fees (Buying, selling or transferring tokens) it facilitates free and tradable daily trading 100% generating interest and daily volume.

WHAT IS LA PESETA (PTA) and Pesetas (PTAS) ?

  1. What are the tokens La Peseta (PTA) and Pesetas (PTAS)

1.1 They are 2 DeFi (Decentralized Finance) projects created in the Binance Smart Chain network (PTA) and Ethereum Network (PTAS). Their main purposes are to be used as a form of daily payment, alternative to EURO and DOLLAR. This is possible due to their speed, NO FEES, low network cost and does not need to be mined to verify transactions, so it makes it sustainable and clean energetically with the environment.


1.2 The idea is to use (PTA) for any low amount payments between people or companies due to the small commission applied by Binance Smart Chain Network, normally are few cents. And use (PTAS) for big amount payments between people or companies across Ethereum Network (in this last network the commissions are more high but it is possible to move fast very big amounts of money.


1.3 The traditional Peseta was the official currency of the Spanish government before EURO. Today it continues in the minds of many people in Spain and around the world. So, thinking about being able to use again La Peseta (PTA) and Pesetas (PTAS) as digital assets is something that will revolutionize the financial market.

La Peseta Crypto Card

The Peseta App is a mobile application that will be available on iOS and Android. The application will have the following characteristics:

• Ability to buy cryptocurrencies.
• Possibility of sending cryptocurrencies.
• Ability to save cryptocurrencies

* Initially only in Spain and EU


Mentions to La Peseta

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